About the Author

moon_stairs1Biography of Alexander C. Cullison, Ph.D.

 Alex was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is the son of a Chesapeake Bay pilot, and comes from generations of sea captains.  He grew up in the suburbs of Maryland.

Upon completion of high school, he enlisted into the Air Force.

He later went back to school to become a U.S. Merchant Marine engineering officer.  He sailed as a marine engineer and subsequently worked for the organization that represented marine engineers.

He was passionate about learning, and was constantly attending night classes and taking college courses. He first received his BA degree from Antioch University.  Then he got his BS degree from Excelsior College of NY.  Later, he obtained a Masters of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Empire.  Lastly, in 1997, Alex became “Dr. Cullison” having received his Ph.D. from the Union Institute & University located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Cullison has worked as an engineer, contract negotiator, mediator & arbitrator, substitute teacher, college instructor, and author.

He is happily married (Diana) and their son, Alexander, who is also writing a book (Twilight Sun).  Alex enjoys travel, literature, education, politics, photography, boating, writing, and learning new things.

Alex has traveled much of the United States and the world.  He volunteers his time and talents to worthwhile groups, such as fraternal related charities,  his community, and Fairfax County.

He believes that people should share their experience and knowledge with others.