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Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1

He heard the commotion and wondered what had gotten his fellow villagers all riled up on this balmy spring morning.  Dr. Paul, as most of his patients and friends referred to him, was busy burying his latest test subject in the field behind his house.  The mixed terrier in the grave was a victim of rabies; another in his long line of failed attempts to find a cure for this disease.

It may not have rained for a month, but somehow the land behind his house stayed muddy.  The cuffs of his pants and his old black leather shoes were caked with mud.  He wasn’t quite finished, but his curiosity got the best of him.  What was all the excitement about?  He knew from experience that the yelling was coming from the village square.  Pulling himself together, he made his way around the back of his house, which served as his doctor’s office and held his research laboratory in the basement, to the front road. He left big footprints in the soft soil all the way to the hard dirt road.  The center of Llanromney was about a kilometer away, down an open rural road.  He could usually walk it in less than ten minutes.  Dr. Paul looked at his silver pocket watch.  It read 11:35 in the morning.  Feeling a bit of foreboding, he felt the need to walk faster than usual.

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Werewolf Origin



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