Reviews of Published Books

Werewolf Origin

“I’ve finished the book and I thought it was really good. It had a great story line, great dialog, and was a great lead up. I’m really glad I read this book and I have recommended it to some of my friends.”   Harrison R., Fairfax, VA  6/28/16

“Werewolf Origins was a fun read.  The book itself was short and not hard to read and/or understand, but there is a lot that happened.  The end of the story had me on my toes, and ended up thoroughly surprising me.  The characters were well developed and they helped keep the story moving.  Dr. Paul was very dedicated to his study, and Larene was helpful and very loyal to him.  My favorite character is Captain Wellen because he is completely clueless to anything relating to the female gender.  He is devoted to his job and to helping Dr. Paul throughout the entire story.”   Kristin N., Fairfax, VA  7/1/16

Five Stars at Amazon.  “Werewolf Origin is a fascinating take on the origins of the classic wolf man tale! The writing style is reminiscent of a lighter version of many of the old, classic novels. The concept of the story is creative and the plot moves along quickly. Overall, this book is a very enjoyable read!”  Stacy Davids, Ph.D.   7/2/16

Doctor Cullison:

Your book was an outstanding read, it held my interest intently throughout. The imaginative aspects of the book were very compelling and makes me wonder where it comes from since I am a memoir/story writer but could never come up with a work of fiction like this. A protagonist who was a MD, Veterinarian, Clinical Researcher, lover boy, poor horseman and humanitarian all at the same.

Your narrative descriptions were enough to give you a real feeling about the village, gypsies , characters and situations without being overly wordy. The evolving relationship between Dr. Paul and Larene was a great love story gave balance to the plot. The love scene in the mud was the final casting off of unnatural restraints, well imagined and sensual yet OK for Teens. The portrayal of the Welsh village, Gypsies, the rabies epidemic were well researched and accurate. The characters were those you can identify with. The Captain, Judith and their evolving relationship were very believable as was Bela the protective son of the gypsie seer Malva, Friar Johannssen and other minor characters.

I especially enjoyed your musing about women which I found to be spot on regarding their differences from men but was in no way demeaning. The tension of Maleva’s premonitions and the handling of rabid animals was a great lead in to the looming disaster with a unexpected ending. The illustrations were a great opening into the stories and gave a visual look at the scene.  I really liked the portraits of Maleva  Dr. Paul and others although I did not care for how Larene’s face was depicted as it did not look natural to me.

I applaud you for this imaginative, interesting and entertaining work of fiction. Please keep on writing.

Ellis Rosenberg, Fairfax, VA  7/12/16